Fantasy Football Games

So, you want to participate in a fantasy game and you are thinking, “Why not football” Fantasy football is one of the biggest and most participated fantasy sports game today. So, you can be assured of enjoyment and meeting fantasy football games enthusiast, and meeting interesting characters along the way.
However, before participating in fantasy football games, it is good to get a basic grasp of what professional American football is all about. Winning in fantasy football games, or any fantasy sports games, is about being knowledgeable about the game you have chosen. After all, real life statistics is the basic foundation in determining the winning team in fantasy football.

So, here’s a brief discussion of American football 101. Learn well because the key to winning in fantasy sports (and in anything in life actually) is to be knowledgeable.
The National Football League, or what is popularly dubbed as the NFL, is America’s professional football league. It is one of America’s most beloved pop-culture sports and it could perhaps be your favorite sports game.
According to US statistics, the National Football League games are the the most participated and attended sport in America today.

There are thirty-two teams in the National Football League. There are two conferences which make up the American football league and these are the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).
The conferences are further divided into four divisions. Each of these divisions have four teams. The sum of all these teams equal sixteen.
A regular NFL season is scheduled to run for seventeen weeks. The winners of the regular NFL season will play in the National Football League playoff. This is a single-elimination tourney for the twelve-team participants.